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Diablo II - Hell Mode

Ok, something that's been mildly bothering me off and on for a long time:

...I've never played through Diablo II in Hell Mode before. I've soloed Nightmare with some difficulty a few times, but... I think the farthest I've ever gotten in Hell mode has been midway through Act II... and that's by being lucky enough to join up with a game where some paladin with leet gear and a killer Conviction aura was generally owning everything, albeit somewhat slowly and with some token help from the lesser players.

Is this something that normal people can do if they plan it right? And I don't mean getting equipment from a pay site or finding the latest hex editor that works with the latest patched version or whatever. I mean something you can do by yourself, or *maybe* with one other player if you can talk a friend into the serious commitment.

This has been hanging over my head for for the better part of a decade now! Grrrr. I suck. :(

They need to make another expansion where you can play as Angel Summoner. Then maybe I'd finish.

Brianna Reads the Bible

Hello, fellow atheists!
I have taken it upon myself to read the bible, and am writing a journal about it. I originally had no intention of posting this journal to this or any other atheist communities (simply because it has been done before). My original intent of the journal was a place for my religious family to track my progress, and share their view on different parts of the bible with me in the process, without bogging down my friends on facebook who aren't exactly interested in this sort of thing, but my mother has taken it upon herself to inform members of her church, so it's become a little overwhelming.
I thought some of you might be up or the minor challenge of assisting me in debunking their theistic claims, or maybe some of you might just be interested in reading another atheist's interpretation on the pages of the bible (and I've just started, too, so there isn't much catching up to do). I hope that anyone who isn't interested in either of these things would be nice enough to just disregard this post and continue scrolling on to the next post. It wouldn't really bother me either way though. If you are interested in either of those things though, please continue on to my journal at briandthebible

I'd also like to mention that this endeavor is not completely uninspired by wolfbiblemoon, who has been doing a similar thing for awhile (and actually posted her journal in atheist a while ago), and whose journal you should also read, and whose reading schedule I borrowed 100%, but I think my journal takes a bit of a different approach.

Anyway. So there's that. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Best creation myth so far...

...unless, of course, you count The Lonely Robot (a song by the Future Bible Heroes):

(no video available so you'll have to settle for just the lyrics)

having ended all life - absorbed all other robots
ruler of the cosmos, she walks into the sunset

but there is no darkness
her laser-gaze is itself a weapon
and no sleep defends her from the nightmare of oblivion

so she wakes a new world made entirely out of lightwaves
memories of movies, and chance determinations

then she watches random characters and situations
endless combinations with very little input

but she sees the ending
every clock finds its equilibrium

so she introduces the absurdest contradictions

anything can follow, but the actors can't believe that
so they keep pretending the script is real and means things

so the lonely robot, with no feeling for the actors
just erased the whole thing - which, true, had not existed

and a trillion stories all came abruptly to a non-ending

and a trillion people suddenly stopped not-existing

thus was born a new world from the movies of the old one
and the lonely robot was given non-existence

...either one is way cuter than genesis, anyway.

Jun. 2nd, 2010

Ok, this is tied for the best thing ever.


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